Our Services

Our Services

  1. Engine Components trading
  2. Component Repair management
  3. Engine Leasing marketing to customers (CFM56-5, -7, V2500)
  4. Engine Repair Management with partner MROs
  5. Engine Trade In
  6. End of Life Engine Management (purchase of engine, tear down and component recertification and repair)
  7. Engine Component Surplus Consignment
  8. Engine Sale and lease back

  • Aircraft sales and leaseback
  • Aircraft remarketing
  • Aircraft leasing
  • 24 hours shipping.
  • Aircraft financing
  • Aircraft trading


Nihal Aero Capital brings over 12 years of aviation experience with a customer base of over 100 airlines worldwide.



We will propose short- and long-term solution for spares and engine leasing’s to ensure smooth operations. We work with our partners to guarantee your requirements.


With intense competition arising from Asia based leasing companies, it is crucial to find the right partners to increase your business and market share.

Technical support

By adopting modern day selling techniques such as embracing digital marketing strategies, we are able to reach out to our global customer base effectively and efficiently.

Complete solutions

Specializing in Aircraft and Engine Leasing Solutions. Aircraft sales and leaseback, Aircraft remarketing, Aircraft leasing, Aircraft financing and Aircraft trading.

Want to know more?

We take great effort to understand our customers need and assist them in addressing complex and challenging problems.