Engine Market


Engine Market

A study from International Bureau of Aviation (IBA) has mentioned that the Engine lease market will be unable to meet critical demand for spares engines and parts for CFM56-7b, -5b and V2500 from 2019-2024.

Nihal Aero Capital will assist airlines to plan ahead their engine shop requirements by proposing short- and long-term solution for spares and engine leasing’s to ensure smooth operations. We work with our partners to guarantee your requirements.


Percent of commercial aircrafts will be leased

With a forecast of 19,000 aircrafts required by 2025.

Percent worldwide passenger aircraft

Originates from Asia Pacific.

Years of aviation experience

Specializing in Aircraft and Engine Leasing Solutions.

Airlines worldwide customer base

Together by working with lessors, financial institutions and MROs we provide innovative asset leasing solutions to the airlines.