Specializing in Aircraft and Engine Leasing Solutions. Incorporated at the height of the covid 19 epidemic in 2020, Nihal Aero Capital brings over 12 years of aviation experience with a customer base of over 100 airlines worldwide. Together by working with lessors, financial institutions and MROs we provide innovative asset leasing solutions to the airlines. We take great effort to understand our customers need and assist them in addressing complex and challenging problems.

Nihal is a Sanskrit word for Joyous, prosperous and successful. In tough times, the company drew inspiration from the world Nihal. To always live in positivity no matter how hard times may be, to go against all odds. Fearlessness and Courage to take on any challenges.

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By adopting modern day selling techniques such as embracing digital marketing strategies, we are able to reach out to our global customer base effectively and efficiently. Onsite visits coupled with aviation finance focused conferences allow us to build long lasting relationships.

We strongly feel that with a right mix of technology and good customer service we are able to provide the demanding service that airlines require. Our use of data analytics has shown that the emerging markets is a fast-growing industry with LCCs growing aggressively.